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About Us:

  We are a professional financial consulting company to provide service in internal auditing, taxation planning, taxation outsourcing, enterprise registration, legal consulting, financing, investing etc. Our team is formed by qualified people with rich experience in finance and legal industry. Our aim is to provide efficient solution in legal support and financial consulting for domestic and overseas enterprises.

Consulting Service

Pre-investment Due Diligence
Pre – investment consulting: our professional legal team will conduct deep analyze on overseas stock controlling structure, business environment for registered city, legal policy, preferential taxation policy, investment risk and operation model, etc to maximize client’s interest and minimize risk.

Enterprise Registration and Related Business

  • Foreign company in China
       Limited company、stock limited company、partnership、branch company

  • Offshore company
       Switzerland、Japan、British Virgin Islands 、Cayman Islands、Delaware ( U.S.) 、 Hongkong、Singapore 、England、           Panama、 Marshall Islands、Brunei、Namibia

  • Overseas company

  • Company administration service:
       Administration service like secretary, salary payment, account management, taxation, legal, and technical support etc.    Could be provided to support company’s operating.
  • Registration and change with Industrial and Commercial Bureau
    Some other service could be provided, including setting up for office or branch company、transferring stock、increasing/decreasing registered capital、changing legal representative and other related issues after change with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau .

    Notice of Government and Filing Service
    Professionalism and networking help you succeed.

    PatentTrademark and Certification Service
    Provide planning on company’s intellectual property to further implement

    Working Visa Application and Taxation Planning for Foreigners

    Legal Service

    Legal Documentation for Enterprise Setting up
    During foreign investor setting up enterprise period, we could provide services on all legal documents preparation, specific proposal, feasible research report, agreement, articles of association, letter of guarantee and other related documents. We could draft board conference principal, cooperation agreement and articles of association upon client’s requirements. Legal advisory on related risk could also be provided during company setting up period.

    Perennial Legal Counsel
    Latest legal and investment advisory
    Perennial legal advisory
    To check and make legal documents
    To facilitate to sign agreement by companying with or representing client
    To prevent and control legal risk

    Specific Legal Service
    Trademark application、intellectual property、economic lawsuit、immovable property transaction、collecting for bad debt、work and residence 、workforce and labour、agreement checking、legal Notary、business registration、granting for software company、M&A、increasing/decreasing registered capital 、asset reorganization、stock transferring、registration for external debts、financial settlement、investigation for business credit and other legal due diligence and legal support

    Project on Taxation Law
    Provide one stop solution centralized by taxation law on a platform established by legal, taxation and financial services. These services could optimize enterprise taxation structure.

    We aim to optimize client company’s taxation arrangement to restructure the transaction method and taxation structure in the safest scope. Our domestic and overseas network will help our clients to fulfill financial needs.

    We could provide service in English, Japanese and Korean

    Accounting Service

    Setting up Financial System
    We aim to reduce each cost to maximize client’s profits via efficient financial management.

  • Establishing Accurate Cost Accounting System
    We customize client’s financial system and establish effective cost management method. Based on this comprehensive accounting standard, all required numbers are available for further cost management.

  • Establish Timely Reporting System
    Various financial reports besides major three financial statements could be provided to clients to implement differential financial management.
  • Check for Internal Control and Taxation Risk
    We provide internal audit and taxation checking for client to reduce operating risk and increase operating efficiency.

  • Internal Check:
       Special investigation for internal financial risk;internal control service; internal auditing service

  • Specific Check and Check via Reporting
       We could provide service for client to do self checking before tax office starting official checking to reduce client      economic loss.

    We could do on site checking for the following items:

    Internal checking and control 
    Inventory management
    Purchasing and payment
    Selling and collecting
    Cost management
    Account management
    Asset management
    Monetary capital
    Verifying and writing-off

    taxation risk
    Tariff duties
    Corporate income tax
    Individual income tax
    Business tax
    Stamp tax
    Housing tax
    Other tax

    We could conduct deep analyze on client current internal controlling status and taxation risk according to each checking items, and potential risk and related legal outcomes will be identified. What’s more, efficient solution will be provided for existing problems to maximize company’s value.

    M&A Financial Service
    We are good at evaluating investment opportunity and providing prompt financial service and professional supporting.  We facilitate each stage for every single deal and cooperate with experts in taxation industry. Our major services includes:

  • Due diligence for finance and taxation
  • Evaluation
  • Due diligence for supplier ( finance and taxation)
  • Business due diligence
  • M&A service
  • Financial modeling
  • Business proposal
  • Draft merger and finance agreement
  • Financial Management

    Agency Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping service could be provided. Original documents could be collected by our company or delivered to our company.

    Finance Outsourcing
    Selected accountants will go to client’s company to provide financial management service at a regular basis upon client’s requirement.

    Major Services

  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • Internal report generating
  • Fee report generating
  • Remuneration management
  • Invoice checking and account payable
  • Cash payment and reimbursement
  • Tidy unclear account and debts up
  • Taxation Consulting Service

    Finance and Taxation Consultancy
    Taxation law、legal consulting,taxation business、financial consulting;

    Agency Service
    Claiming tax;Appling for tax deduction, exemption, and preferential treatment ; Applying for tax return;administrative review in taxation;assisting in applying for R&D fee;increasing AD cost;service on expenditure item pre tax ;assisting in issuing verification report  for company.

    Major Services

  • Comprehensive advisory for all tax related issues;
  • Providing tax audit service during checking and auditing period, and issuing Evaluation Report about Company’s Tax Risk
  • Help to make taxation adjustment and further implementation;
  • Help client to pay tax evaded after self-investigation and confirm the amount;
  • Assist client in preparation for conciliate agreement before tax checking;
  • Assist client to answer related question during tax checking and provide tax policy support;
  • Assist client to audit the paper work for tax checking;
  • After tax checking, provide comprehensive and professional advice and solution.
  • Finance Service

  • Financing service
  • Finding right FI partners with similar scale and business scope to client
  • Introducing overseas capital and selected investment project
  • Introducing stock investment fund
  • Introducing VC
  • Investment service
  • Select suitable project for client. We can operate business in minerals industry、real estate、finance and other industries

    Business Administration Service
    Based on our unique vision, professional knowledge, and sound financial skill, help our client to design, update, rebuild and reconstruct operating process;
    To advice and improve company’s business model;
    To advice and improve production management and quality management;
    Making manual for Internal operating process and proving spot supporting service.

    Our Commitment
    We aim to maintain a close and long term relationship with our clients. Our competitive advantage is to provide comprehensive personal and corporate business planning service in dynamic economy environment.

    We integrate investment consulting, auditing, legal and taxation consulting, to provide one-stop solution to our client. Those qualified service will be delivered at a very competitive price.  

    We and other consulting firms, accounting firms and law firms try to create a commercial environment with good credibility. We play an essential role in commutating with clients in this market. We, and our credibility, tie our clients and other professional firms together to delivery sound financial solution.
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